Making of Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips

Planting with Heart

Jack ’n Jill potato chips are mainly made from Atlantic potatoes; it takes about 120 days from planting to harvesting of potatoes. According to the growth stage of potatoes, farmers will provide ample water and oxygen to the potatoes. The daily caring of farmers together with the absorption of sunlight during the day, potatoes are able to grow healthily.

Making of Great Tastes

To make Jack ’n Jill potato chips, the potatoes are first rinsed in water, peeled and then cut into slices. Each slice of potato is uniform in thickness in order to deliver the best texture for enjoyment. The sliced potatoes will be rinsed again, fried to golden colour, seasoned and packed into pouches.
Jack ’n Jill potato chips are made fresh and delivered to supermarkets and convenience stores daily.

Quality Control

From potato harvesting, rinsing, peeling to after frying, each step is closely monitored so that below standard potatoes/potato chips are screened out, so that the size and appearance of each piece of potato chip is up to standard.

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