NEW! Hell’s Potato Chips!

The newly launched Hell’s Potato Chips comes in two exciting flavours, Super Spicy and Sour and Spicy, and are guaranteed to spice up your day!

Hell’s Potato Chips are available in 7-Eleven, Circle K (Super Spicy only), Park ‘n Shop, International, CR Vanguard, U-Select, HKTVmall, Ztore, Royal Supermarket (Macau).

All New Jack ‘n Jill Bak Kwa Potato Chips!

After a long wait, Bak Kwa Potato Chips is finally launched! Bak Kwa Potato Chips is the perfect mixture of tasty and crispy fun.It is so good that you are guaranteed to come back for more!Tempted? Jack ‘n Jill Bak Kwa Potato Chips is now selling at Wellcome Supermarkets! From Mar 2 to 8, you can buy at a special price at $13.8 for 2 packs. Don’t wait! Buy it and enjoy!