• Jerry Potato

    Hometown: Mount Vesuvius Volcano, Italy

    Jerry Potato loves running, and is the winner of the Potato-Marathon 2017. His specially-made chilli shoes allow him to run at 2x the speed of other potatoes.

  • Patrick Potato

    Hometown: Chicago Fire Department, USA

    Patrick Potato is the fire captain of the Chicago Fire Department. He was once burnt in a small home fire at the age of 5. Since then he has developed immunity against fire and it allow him to stay safe in dangerous situations.

  • Ted Potato

    Hometown: Chicken Farm

    Ted Potato likes playing with his childhood bear friend and sharing his pot honey (sometimes without his friend’s permission 😛 )

  • Teresa Potato

    Hometown: Moscow Circus

    Teresa Potato is a relatively new joiner to the Moscow Circus. After 120 days of intensive training, she is the rising star of the Moscow Circus and is now touring the world.

  • Lucas Potato

    Hometown: Brittany, France

    Bonjour! Lucas Potato loves all watersports, especially surfing. Just becareful of his sharp claws when you are around him, as he will pinch you when he is angry!

  • Matthew Potato

    Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

    Hola! Matthew Potato is a salsa dancer. He takes pride in his moustache and spends 30 minutes every day styling it.

  • Sammy Potato

    Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany

    Sammy Potato is in the national 60g class weight lifting team. He is now training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics