Leading Asian Craft Brewery Young Master Partners with Beloved Potato Chips Maker Jack’n Jill on a Novel Take on the Quintessential Pairing of Beer & Chips

Celebrated local craft brewer Young Master is partnering with beloved potato chips brand Jack’n Jill to launch a fresh take on the pairing of beer and potato chips. Jack’n Jill has a long-standing history of bringing happiness with its extensive line of moreish potato chips and snacks. With this collaboration, Young Master is proud to further its own tradition of creative collaborations with iconic local brands and, once again, combine the magic of childhood nostalgia with flavors & techniques of the modern craft beer movement.

Playfully dubbed “Ma Ma Dei”, the beer half of the combination by Young Master is a refreshing modern, unfiltered lager infused with green peppercorns, ground fresh. Bursting with fresh citrus and herbal notes, the beer is delightfully refreshing with a gently numbing tingle. The accompanying potato chips by Jack’n Jill, featuring the same green peppercorns are earthy, spicy and full of umami. The pairing is seamless with a sip of beer following a bite of chips simultaneously fortifying flavors and cleansing the palate, making the combination dangerously addictive.

Young Master X Jack’n Jill “Ma Ma Dei” potato chips and beer combo will be available exclusively at Circle K all over Hong Kong from April 15th.